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Portrait Project – 51/52



Christmas eve in my house was a bit of chaos. Unlike most people in Australia, our family open our Christmas presents in Christmas eve. Right after mass, and after enjoying our precious time eating scrumptious dinner together as a family, then it was time for us to open our presents. In my head that worked perfectly. In reality, it was a total chaos. Right after we got home, the begging started, and promises were made to open only one present before dinner. But before you know it, the floor was covered in gift wrappings. Not one, but all presents were miraculously opened!

I wanted to take nice pictures of family members opening their presents with a nice twinkling christmas tree in the background. But no. This was the only decent picture of Ms 6 that night. She was staring closely at our dog who was busy chewing his Christmas treat.

It’s not the picture that I planned, but I love it. It’s chaos, and it’s our kind of chaos, which was the best fun! Hope your Christmas was as ‘chaotic’ as ours was.

Have a great holiday!

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The Nutcracker’s Soldier


soldiers on stage

Million things are happening days before Christmas Day. There are all the shopping, the baking and entertaining, singing concerts, and for us this year, we have also Ms 5’s first ballet concert put in the mix. Her preparatory class was performing parts of Nutcracker a week ago, and she’s one of the soldiers.

red soldier

The way it was set up was very casual, considering the young age of the dancers. We parents were allowed to approach the stage after each class finished its routine to take photos. I made sure my camera was set up at a higher ISO to enable faster shutter speed. We only got about 2 minutes to get our shots in between class performances, and knowing my daughter and her antics, that meant I only got about 30 seconds. Always throwing challenges at her mother, this little one of mine, but I was ready. Looks like she was too.


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Twinkling Lights – a belated Xmas post

Ok. I am well aware that this is January and no longer Christmas. But, as I mentioned several posts ago, I am doing a big catch up in post processing my back log photos, and I am up to doing photos from last December already(yay!).

I was practising with the Christmas lights and ornaments guided by the DPS (Digital Photography School)’s Christmas tutorial. I was happy with the results. Those big colourful lights were exactly what I was after.

twinkle light

I did the shots with high ISO (2000 or 2500), with my lens at its widest opening (f/1.4). I had to move around the room, turning off/on this light and that, using chair to put the Lego ornament, but was too lazy to use a tripod (mind you, the idea to do this came really late at night so my energy level was already low).

twinkle light 2


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