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Day 209 #Project365

Haven’t done baking Friday for awhile. Today it’s back and I made choux pastry filled with vanila custard (a.k.a kue sus). I have been missing my mom’s kue sus that I haven’t eaten for years, then I had a really bad profiterole experience last week at the local restaurant, which made me wanting it more. And then last night I watched MasterChef All Stars making Croquembouche I thought to myself (as I salivated), I think it’s time to give baking choux pastry a try. A choux pastry recipe that I found accidentally in the magazine I bought this week was just the last nudge really, it seems that the universe has a really clear message.

209-365 sioux 1.jpg

Freshly baked choux.

209-365 sioux 2.jpg

These babies with the chocolate hat on top were still empty. I was writing this post as I waited for my custard to cool off outside before I pipe it into each one. I’m gonna go and check my custard out now. I can’t wait! Kue sus here I come…!

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