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Day 157 #Project365

157-365 coffee art

I know I’ve said my piece about coffee/latte art back in April (see Day 101 post), but that couldn’t stop me from taking a photo of another one I had this morning. This coffee art was lovely, but the coffee lacked the oomph of that coffee intensity that I love and desperately needed this morning. But it was sustenance, so I gratefully (desperately?) finished the cup. The chocolates on the side certainly helped.

157-365 cap coffee art

Now, this is heaven in a cup. It’s a chilli hot chocolate that looked and tasted DIVINE!

It was a very cold and super windy morning in Canberra. I could handle the cold and the rain just fine, but the über cold wind just chilled you to the bone, so unbearable. Thank God for Koko Black who provided me with these cups of warm beverages that literally warm me to the core. The chilli (Belgian) Hot Chocolate was so perfect and hit all the right spots. Coffee for sustenance, chocolate for pure enjoyment and warm&fun companions to share the moment with. They all made the wet freezing winter morning bearable.

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