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kids at the back porch


I think I have said it before and I will say it again. Friends are the family that we choose, and they are, if not more, are as valuable as the family we were born to. This rings true in my case, since our families are everywhere around the world BUT here. That is probably why I decided to post this lovely photo of my kid and her friends, who are the children of our close friends here.  This photo is meaningful. It’s the last group photo I took before one of the families moved away to Melbourne. The kids have all stayed together, slept over in this house, my friend’s house. Granted, this was not all of us, but enough, to represent all of us and their friendship.

Other friendships will come and grow, but I hope these kids’ bond remain strong and that they stay close throughout the years. I would love to look back at this photo in 10 years time, to go back to that lovely afternoon where we spent one of our last days together and held each other closer.

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