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Day 78 #Project365

78-365 fishing

My son’s love of fishing brought the whole family out this fine Sunday morning. He was participating in Canberra Carp-Out. It’s an event, part of Canberra Festival, which basically helping to take out the Carp fish out of lake Burley Griffin; killed them and made them into fertiliser later. Sounds horrid, I know. I can’t defend the fish because apparently they eat other fish’ food and they breed too fast. Something like that.

In our first chosen location, we encountered a ‘very friendly’ bunch. I used the word friendly really loosely here, because these lovely fishermen,  basically just kicked us out of our first spot, saying ‘nothing personal, but we are professional fishermen here, you are free to find another spot’. Yes they were there first, but it was a large area where they spread out their 8 or so rods along the beach. They clearly felt threatened by Mr 8 superior fishing skill.

So we walked further and found our spot. I liked our new spot better anyway, it was sunny, it was small and private and we have ducks and swans that came out to check us out. I did not fish because I hate fishing, but I enjoyed the time sitting down on the sun, reading my trashy magazines and also took a lot of photos.

One turtle accidentally ate our hook (and we released it back to the water), but other than that we did not catch any fish. To my surprise, my son still said he had a great time fishing. Well, good on him.

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