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Day 82 #Project365

82-365 dead butterfly

How long do butterflies live? Maybe up to two weeks? Ten days? I see a lot of butterflies around but rarely I see their dead bodies. Do they move and hide themselves as they grow ‘old’- after living for a week or so – to die? Or maybe because more of them ends up as birds feed.

This one I found just below my front steps. Broken wings and all. See the patterns on the wings? I noticed that the right and left wing are not very symmetrical. I’ve always thought they would be, to distract predators, make up a shape of an eye or something, you know. Or maybe, it’s because of this particular pattern on the wings it was attacked by a bird. One thing though,even in death I can easily notice some of the traces of its former beauty. Tragic.

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  • staceym23/03/2012 - 10:04 am

    The live a week or two, but some species migrate and can live for 8-9 months 🙂ReplyCancel

  • [ayu]23/03/2012 - 10:28 am

    8 to 9 months, whoaaa! that’s quite long isn’t it for an insect. Thanks for the info Stacey 🙂ReplyCancel