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Day 183 #Project365

183-365 meat.jpg

Probably I should have come up with a more ‘inspirational’ shot for today’s photo as today marked HALF WAY of the project 365(+1), and not coincidentally, half way through the year as well since I started this project on the 1st of January. I have patted my back for coming this far, and still a bit surprised to find myself still exciting to continue on until the end of the year.

I’ve had my ups and downs producing one photo a day every day but I’m really happy with what I have done so far. I have learned a lot about photography, about myself, and really grateful with the support that people have given me up to this moment. I find this project very rewarding for myself personally as I enjoyed my ‘me time’ (that was required by this project) immensely. It’s so easy to lose myself completely in the big and rapid current that is living a family life with two young kids. This project allowed me to stop and block time for myself. It may not seem like much to other people, but I really treasure this ‘filling my cup’ time. It’s like a thing that nourishes your soul. I’m at my happiest when I am being creative, and this project 365(+1) has given me a small dose of it every single day.

Happy half way year! I will raise my wine glass (to accompany Sunday meat dinner) to another 183 days filled with happiness in big or small doses…

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