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Day 305 #Project365


305-365 arts by the lake

I considered myself lucky that I happened to be in the neighborhood when I passed this ‘gathering’ of artistic people this morning. I was huffin’ and puffin’ towards the end of my morning run when I passed these students. These arts students from ANU were doing their art project called ‘Visions and Perspective’. This was only for the day. They had to take everything off by 3PM today. Some worked in groups some worked individually, but they all were busy creating art installations all over the National Gallery back lawn.

I spent my cooling-off time just wandering around these art installations. I love it! Most of them were unfinished because I think they only started that earlier morning. Even so, I think they looked pretty neat. Here are some of them.

305-365 arts by the lake 1


All photos were taken using an iPhone

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