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Day 274 #Project365

Tonight we had so much fun at 2012 Floriade NightFest. Yes it was cold, and yes there were (still) flowers everywhere. But there was so much lights everywhere too. It was such a different experience, we had a really lovely time. The cold reminded us a bit of Christmas night market in Cologne minus the glühwein.

I love the ‘carnival’ feel to it in particular. The giant ferris wheel, the slides, the various ‘fun’ rides, and live performances, it made the night so festive. The stalls were all heavily decorated with lights, big and small. Lots of twinkle lights. I did not take a lot of flowers photos tonight, because let’s face it, that blue spotlight does nothing to those lovely yellow tulips, alright. So I let myself be enticed by those little twinkle lights. Like the ones in this stall.

I wasn’t planning on it, but it seemed that I was still used to taking my shots from my dog’s angle even when dog was not with me.

274-365 nite floriade


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Day 273 #Project365

Our Costco shopping day is one of the days that always makes our dog so excited. It’s not the actual shopping that makes him happy. It’s the after shopping activity that happens after the big shopping. It’s when we are busy storing dried goods into their boxes in the pantry, packing and dividing meat/fish into daily consumption size. He loves this because there’s always spills on the floor (from the odd flimsy wrapping of chips for example) and so many yummy smells around!

He’s favourite spot, however, was next to the kitchen counter, where he can give a dead stare at meat/fish being cut and portioned while enjoying their smell at the same time.

Here are pieces of Salmon that he was staring at without blinking for full 2 minutes. I gotta say, even from his angle the salmon does look pretty good.

273-365 salmon


Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | f/4 | 1/30 |

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Day 272 #Project365

When you are as tall as my dog, you find out that not many things are within your eye level. Yes, there are the likes of toddlers, other Labradors, people crotches, or bums, and people’s knees when they are sitting down to look at, but the rest is either on the floor or way above your head. It is a human world after all.

Understanding the above aspects, I totally get why our coffee table is one of dog’s favourite furniture in the house. The table is low, and we sometimes choose to watch TV while eating and put our plates on this table. For dog that means, yummy forbidden food right in front of his nose! Not only he can smell it, he can also see it.  Oh the sweet temptation…!

This was my bowl of Korean instant noodle that I shamelessly consumed for my lunch as a way to reward myself for (finally) finishing my photography homework. The cold and wet weather outside made it the perfect hot noodle soup moment. My dining table was filled with other non dining stuff so I put my bowl on the coffee table. When I came back to take a glass of water, I saw dog sat down close and stare at it, almost drooling. I crouched down low next to dog’s ear to capture this image. The room was a bit dark because of the rain, but luckily a bit of light could still come through the windows.

This is the second image in the dog’s view-point series.


272-365 hot bowl

Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | ISO640 | f/2.8 | 1/10 |

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Day 271 #Project365

Today my laptop was off limit as it’s been busy doing photo library back up that was long overdue. So the iPhone camera was the camera of choice for today’s post. I thought I’d try to capture images that are a bit different just to shake things up a bit. New images taken from a different angle, or more like, taking pictures from my dog’s eye level, or should I say from a dog’s point of view?

My dog’s head while standing up is about 65 cm from the floor. This height is the point where I am going to station myself (and camera), or I can just drop down on the floor all together as he lies down in the floor most of the time anyway. I have got to say that at this point, this angle was not so groovy, couldn’t help but wonder how my dog could look so happy and excited all the time. He has to look up most of the time to catch anything interesting. Anyway, I am going to do this for the next couple of days. A series of images from a dog point of view could be interesting, or not, either way I think it’s going to be a fun ‘exercise’.

Today’s image was taken from under the dining table. The sun was flooding through the blind and created a pretty neat shadow on the wall. Dog was elsewhere so I could take a photo in peace (and dry), we tried a similar thing earlier when dog was under the table with me and it wasn’t pretty. I ended up with wet elbow from his licking, probably wondering what the heck was I doing cramming up his space.

271-365 shadow and light


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  • Danny27/09/2012 - 5:35 pm

    Make sure all of them are B/W as dogs don’t see in colour!

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