Siraman – Javanese Wedding

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I was lucky enough to travel back home to Indonesia to attend one of my cousins’ wedding a few weeks ago. I did not bring my full gear, as this was a non business trip, but I still got my trusty D90+50mm with me, and could not help myself to take a few shots during one of the many rituals of the wedding. Following the Javanese traditions, the wedding ‘event’ was spread out in three days. These photos I took was taken place at the bride’s family’s home, when the bride was getting ready for the big day. We called this ceremony¬†Siraman,¬†bathing ceremony. It’s a lovely ceremony attended only by family and relatives, before we continued to the next ceremony that same night, then through the next days.

It took me back to 2001 when I got married. I, too had gone through the full Javanese rituals the same like this one was. It was pretty intense! I felt blessed to be there surrounded by my family and relatives, and once more, we celebrated our traditions, and together we rejoiced for the new love life that was about to start for one of our beloved family members. It’s precious.


The parents of the Bride

the bride - siraman - adini 2017

The Bride and her twin

the bride - siraman - adini 2017

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