Out in the Cold

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Winter in Canberra bites, because it’s bloody cold. However, despite the cold, Canberra still looks beautiful. Winter in Canberra is cold and dry and no snow. As a bush capital of Australia, we have, well, a lot of bush, and also trees, with a wide variety of foliage (some still on the trees most aren’t). This means our surrounding changes colours four times in a year. Different colours in four seasons! Everyone who lives here has his/her favourite colours. Mine is autumn, so I was mildly surprised and super glad that winter does not fall short in providing us with it’s unique winter-ish colours. It’s a perfect backdrop to your portraits. It’s worth considering, if you want to showcase  your fabulous winter line (and all your lovely boots!) while making beautiful portraits of yourselves.

For me and my model of the day, to be out and about in the cold took courage, determination, and layers and layers of clothings (for me), because not only it was freezing, it was quite windy too. I’m happy we hit enough places to capture some of those lovely winter colours for our portraits.

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