One Night at the Kangaroo Valley

canoe kir

As it happens, summer is (officially) nearly over here in Australia. The new routines have started to kick in, daily  activities soon became a blur, and before long our summer fun will turn into distant memory.

We have had a great summer holiday. Despite the extreme weather (extreme heat, extreme cold, heavy rain, and more) we really enjoyed this summer, maybe the fact that the two summers past have been a real fluke (constant rain and cold weather) made us really grateful for the ‘real’ heat.

We went for Kangaroo Valley Safari at the beginning of January. We, my family and one visiting old friend, had to peddle in canoes for 3.5 hours, find a campsite, pull up a tent, slept for one night, then pack up the next day to do another peddling for 2 hours along the river to get to our meeting spot at Tallowa Dam to wait for a bus to drive us back to our car. With two young kids and a bunch of people with under trained upper body muscles, it was a full on trip. The view was beautiful, and we practically had the place to ourselves. The second day was extremely hot, I was grateful we were surrounded by water. The experience was super exhausting, but fun.


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