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Long face in the cone. This was taken two weeks ago, right after his procedure to fix an ear hematoma. The poor boy was not happy and let everybody knew it.

As of a week ago, his bandage was off, but he has to keep the cone until the end of the month. The cone -along with our legs, furnitures and the window’s floor-length blind- was badly battered and ripped at the moment (this is a non-exageration; part of our blind was broken thanks to the cone and its bad boy). The cone has holes everywhere, and everyday additional tape needs to be applied to bind new rips and fortify it so it stays its shape and keep dog from ripping apart his healing ear flap with his paws.

Even in his pre-cone life, Bruno is a very clumsy dog. He bumped into things -walls, dining table, doors, fridge doors- a lot. His eyesight is perfect, in case anyone wonders..it’s just, well, him. Now imagine this clumsy dog’s past two weeks in the cone. One would think that after a couple of days he became more aware of his additional width around the head and navigate himself accordingly. Oh no. Not our Bruno. Not only he bumped into more things, he got stuck on things as well. One time he got stuck on the side of our large mirror in the bed room, the whole heavy thing fell off from the wall. We were lucky the mirror stayed intact, and didn’t actually fell on him.

It’s a trying time for all of us, but the light at the end of the tunnel looks closer every day. Or so I tell myself. Everyday. Whenever I got so frustrated after cleaning yet another mess caused by things got knocked over I remind myself that he’s the one wearing the cone, it must be even harder for him, then I’d go and give his hairy big (and handsome) head another rub and extra scratches. Cone or no cone, he loves extra cuddle.

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  1. Poor guy, hope Bruno is feeling better… he sure looks sorry for himself.

    1. [ayu]

      Thanks for the thoughts. He indeed looked super miserable there..it was only moments after his procedure. I’m happy to inform that he is almost back to his usual cheerful self these days. Even with the cone on 🙂

  2. Gary Lum

    I hope he heals soon and the cone can go.

    1. [ayu]

      Thanks Gary. We are all so over the cone now. Really counting the days until the vet calls it all clear to rid of it for good!

  3. Poor thing – Ruby hates the collar too, stops her sniffing and scavaging! Hope Bruno is better at the end of the month 🙂

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