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sunny f16 - fave scenery

There is this road in Canberra that –fortunately is one of the many routes between my house and the city– called Lady Denman Drive. What I like about this road is the fact that the surrounding area alongside it is so scenic. Of course, it is a matter of opinion, I am sure other people find this road as nothing special.

Roughly in the middle its long winding way we have to cross a bridge, which basically a dam, called Scrivener Dam. If you driving through the bridge and looking out through your window to your West you would be greeted with a stunning view. Well, most days at least. The first thing that usually caught my eyes was the sky. It always feel so open somehow above the horizon. And then there are those trees and the water, anyway, I think it is beautiful. The colors of this scenery vary as the season changes.

Even though I love this spot I only enjoyed a glimpse of it for exactly 2 seconds every time I drive through the dam, unless I am on the passenger seat, then I have about 30 seconds or whatever time it took to pass the bridge (not long) to view the scenery.

The day when I took this photo was an exception. I actually drove to the area for the sole purpose of taking a picture. I had an assignment to do some exercise taking a landscape photo in a sunny day using the sunny f/16 rule, I thought the spot would provide a nice landscape for my excercise, and it’s true! I parked, then walked up to the bridge, and low and behold…! It was quite a sight. It was as pretty as when I saw it through my window driving past. Maybe even more so, because I could just stand there, breathe and enjoy. Many many snaps later I went home with a smiling heart.

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