Gardens by the Bay – Going Floral

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While all the photographs in my previous post focused on the structure of the Cloud Forest dome, this time I’m going to focus on the flowers that grow in the garden inside the two domes.

I visited the Gardens by the Bay during the day. The lighting inside the dome was just beautiful, it made taking photos of the flowers such a joy, especially when we were inside the Flower Dome. It was really pleasant inside the Flower Dome, like in the Cloud Forest. The difference was while it was cool and misty and slightly wet inside the Cloud Forest, it was cool and dry inside the Flower Dome. It’s the perfect place to literally stop and smell the flowers, as they were everywhere around you in many shapes and colours. Here are some flowers inside the Cloud Forest.

And these are of flowers and/plants that I thought very odd-looking and quite peculiar, though special and very beautiful.

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  1. Jojor

    Wow! Beautiful pictures! Love it!

    1. [ayu]

      The flowers are already beautiful, I was lucky to be there to capture it! Thank you Gracie x

  2. Kevin & Joan Vivian

    Love your flower pics.

    1. [ayu]

      The flowers are already so photogenic, makes my job so much easier 😉
      Thank you Joan! x

  3. Hero

    I love every shot of the flowers!

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