Fun at the Farmyard Nursery

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Children’s birthday parties are always interesting to photograph. They are always so colorful and super fun! The kids are usually hyped up and excited, with the undercurrent of organised chaos ‘behind the scene’, as the mothers (with their invisible elves) were doing multitudes of tasks to make the party runs without a glitch. This birthday party at the Farmyard Nursery was nothing but extreme fun. Not only that I got to take photos of happy beautiful children, I got to take photos of children AND baby animals. Who doesn’t love baby animals? (almost) NO ONE, right? 

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These lucky city kids were enjoying themselves; they pet the guinea (or optional lizards), fed baby chooks and their moms, combed the hair of the donkey, cuddled those super cute little lambs, and more. The barn was bright with all natural lights, made it easier to capture all the sweet moments. But, the young ones were not the only ones who received the children’s love and affection that day, the farm also have big farm animals, and they too were enjoying the attention, and happy to be hand fed by the little hands. There were cows, huge pig, sheep, and also turkeys (who were very noisy), and swans, or were they ducks, or goose. I’m not sure now, I do need to go out to the farm more.

All in all, it was a good day. Hope you enjoy some of the sweet moments captured in the photographs above.

Here is the link to the Farmyard Nursery website

The farm is located at 25 Mugga Lane, Canberra, and opens by appointment only. For more details, just check out their website!

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