frisbee fun

Throwing and catching frisbee is always so much fun. And catching funny expressions when my kids were playing frisbee, apparently, was also a lot of fun. I wish I had a big zoom lens so I could stand at a safe place and worried only about how fast my shutter speed needed to be and played with the zoom.

No. That’d be too easy. Packing light, with only my 50mm in tow, I had to stand very close to get a decent shot. As in, right-on-the-direction-where-the-frisbee-goes kinda close. It did add to the whole experience of shooting, especially when you have to duck to keep my head from the flying disc every now and then.

The shot I wanted to make was the one when the frisbee was only (literally) a second away from my son’s fingertips, and capture the whole action thing. It turned out I was too chicken to stand in the ‘danger zone’, and also, I just realised that I had zero confidence in how well my two kids can throw (please don’t tell them). So I focused on the kids’ expressions instead. It was fun.

The photo of my daughter was captured as the frisbee smacked her right on her mouth. I was happy that I was ‘fast enough’ to catch that, and also unhappy because the stupid disc hurt her mouth. It’s quite unnerving. A total clash of  feelings, that of a photographer’s and a mother’s. Frisbee session was abruptly stopped and tears followed. And that’s the end of the frisbee photo session too.

frisbee 1


frisbee bump



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