Day 92 #Project365

92-365 alpacca

My day went a fraction better by the sight of this baby Alpaca and his ‘foster’ mom at Ms 4’s friend’s birthday party. My day would stayed the same had a clown or a face painter made an appearance. But, Alpacas at birthday party? That’s so random I loved it!

The poor things ended up staying there with their carer, surrounded by the parents because the kids were too cautious to hang around the animals for longer. And this baby Alpaca was also shy so he didn’t really like to be patted. I’m not sure they even like to be touched, let alone having any type of smart phones or pocket cameras pushed closed to their faces. And they couldn’t be ridden either(they are not the riding kind of animals). So, since nobody was there to shear their coats, their job was really to stand there and look pretty. They did a brilliant job at that.

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