Day 90 #Project 365

90-365 tree and reflection

I love taking photos of water reflection. I know I took one yesterday, and again today.  Usually I stop myself in taking the same type of photographs or same objects in my daily post, at least not the same things two days in a row. Not because I did not want to take the shot, I still do, it’s just this feeling I had that tells me to take a different one every day for a bit of variety.  During my running this morning I realised that should not always be like that (I often had my ‘Aha!’ moment during my run).

One object can be photographed in million other ways. Well, not millions, but you know, a lot of different ways. You have the angle, different lighting, different post editing etc. So what if I like water reflection and wanting to take photographs of it every single day? I would learn more about it. I would learn which angle works better, and what doesn’t work. My knowledge would be deeper, and that’s not a bad thing, right. It is just a different way of learning I guess, alternating the breadth with the depth.

There are three things in the picture that I love. The poplar trees, the water reflection (of course), and the color of autumn. I think I need another post just to talk about poplar trees, that’s how much I love them. The sun this morning was still low so it lit the trees but not the pond. The reflection of the trees in the water seemed like they were from another world, the color was cool –reflecting the color of the sky– and dark as the water was in the shadow. The ‘real’ trees however, already started to turn yellow, creating the perfect autumn color. I just love autumn, don’t you? It is the most photogenic of all the seasons.

In the spirit of gaining more depth in my knowledge, let it be a warning that you will probably see more of these autumn colours, or trees, or all of the three mentioned above in my future posts, and let’s hope I don’t bore you to death.

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