Day 85 #Project365

85-365 plane's tail

Ranges of planes big and small, old and new, were parked at the airport runway and open for public to see this Sunday morning. The event was Canberra Airport Open Day.

We were allowed to go up in most of these planes, but the lines were soooo long we ended up just walking around the runway. We caught an air show where the daredevil pilot was doing crazy acrobatic stunts that made me dizzy even from watching.

It was a great time to take some photographs too, though I had to be quick if I didn’t want to have random babies or toddlers in all my frames. Parents have this tendency to plonk their young offspring on odd places, like plane wings, on the plane’s gigantic wheels, or had them sort of hanging on the air next to a cockpit because we were not allowed to go inside some of the old ones. And they just didn’t care whether you were already there on the right spot just doing some adjustment to get that perfect shot, hey no other kids on that plane and there was a free space, right?!

What I learned today: speedy snapping is the key for cleaner shots in busy surrounding. Mental note: learn how to crop small person (that is not of own flesh and blood) out from a picture ;-).

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