Day 81 #Project365

81-365 leafless

Those in Canberra who slept through the morning and only woke up at noon would not believe it if I told them that this was how the morning looked like today. We woke up, we opened the blind, and still we thought we were a bit blind. It was white everywhere. We haven’t had a morning like this for so long, it took me awhile to move away from the window.

This favourite dead tree of mine stands in the area between my kids’ schools, so yes, I see it everyday, and yes, everyday I stop and look at it. Today I thought it looked quite special with all the fog covering trees in the background. Look even closer you would see a bird hanging on one of the top branches. The doom and gloom of it was heartbreakingly wonderful. I was glad I took a moment to take this photo, and not even waiting for the lady to finished buckled her child in and drove away with her car, because as soon as the fog lifted (which was really abrupt), everything looked normal again. The sun was back shining, it even got quite so hot in the afternoon that the chilled misty morning became like a distant memory.

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