Day 75 #Project365

75-365 lirikan

For someone who hates to be photographed Mr 8 certainly knows how to pose. Just a second after he pulled this fierce look, he went back to his usual goof. I had to bribe him so I could get him to sit for me while I took the shot. Yes, the whole 5 minutes, which he complained felt more like an hour.

This is actually the kind of photography that I like. Portraits of people, including kids. I love capturing people’s expressions. I haven’t taken a lot of people/kids’ photos for this project because, well, face it, to get a decent portrait using an iPhone one needs just a bit more extra time. Not much more time, just a minute or two more, but for kids, it’s a minute or two too long.

I love today’s photo because I feel that making it black and white really helped bringing his expression out and made his eye the focus of the photo. I will do more bribing to both kids so I can get better portraits using the iPhone, while learning to do the same thing using my DSLR as well. I probably need to be a bit more creative in my bribing in the future to get better ‘results’.

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