Day 70 #Project365

70-365 hot air baloons

It’s probably the only Saturday in a year when I force myself to get off the bed before 7 and proceed on waking the rest of the family from their deep slumber of weekend nights. Yes. It’s not easy, but somebody has to do it.

In celebration of her birthday, Canberra holds their annual Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival for a week in March. We don’t take a ride on it we are just there as happy spectators a moment before they fly off at the lawn in front of the Old Parliament House.

This morning however, it turned up to be too windy up there so most of the balloons had to go else where to start. Only these four were there mainly to keep spectators like ourselves still visually entertained. Every one was armed with a camera in his/her hands. Even Mr 8 asked to use my iPhone so he also could take some pictures. We had breakfast and coffee outside and truly enjoyed the city’s celebration in a perfect autumn morning.

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