Day 69 #Project365

69-365 dandelion

Light is everything in photography. And it usually doesn’t take long for a newbie like me to ‘get’ the magic of golden hour. It’s that moment before the sun completely set, when the sun is just hanging low pouring the ground with the most beautiful light. Giving photographers the perfect light to play, have fun and be more creative.

To have the sun finally out from behind the clouds this late afternoon was such a bonus. Because this morning looked so much like a winter morning, only difference was the fact that the leaves still attached to the trees. It was misty and cold, winter looking.

This late afternoon however, I was looking at the unmistakable golden hue outside my window but the lovely light was mostly blocked by the houses across the street. So I decided to ‘hunt the light’ and went up to the park. Everything just looked so nice out there. It was the winter look no more. Autumn colors are here. Gotta love the golden hour!

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