Day 64 #Project365

64-365 crawler

Ok. Some people love macro lens for exactly this type of shot. I can say now, I don’t think it’s for me. Even only with my iPhone camera you can see so much detail of this little bugger. And it freaked me out! Imagine how much bigger and how much detailed I could get with a proper macro lens. I don’t think I can handle it.

It took a number of shots to get the one that I like mainly because I wasn’t placing my phone close enough. I know it didn’t move a lot (if at all), but I wasn’t quite sure what ‘it’ was, apart of it being a part of creepy crawlies family that I am not to fond of. But still, the colour was beautiful against the leave, I pushed my phone far enough until I got close.

But as soon as I heard hubby said, “I wonder whether they can jump” that was it. I was out of there quicker than you can say creepy crawlies! Gaaahh …

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