Day 60 #Project365

60-365 keep left

So it’s been raining since last Sunday and is going to stay raining until Sunday. It is hard to find a subject in this type of weather. It’s dark, not to mention wet outside, I really felt the limitation of the indoor.

Trying to brave it out and capture this wetness I went outside. The street was totally empty with people inside having dinner at the time. So I stood in the middle of the street trying to capture the wetness surrounding the sign.

Now we all know it was a failed mission. I captured the sign alright but the photo didn’t look wet enough. It was medium raining when I went outside wearing my rain jacket, its a bit harder than just a drizzle, but it turned out that this kind of rain was not hard enough to make a nice rainy wet look.

I was totally aware, of course, that given harder rain than this it would have been harder to take the photo. Imagine the struggle to keep my iPhone dry, or should I had better sense and taken an umbrella it would have been quite a struggle managing the umbrella and the iPhone, trying to keep my index finger dry for easier tapping and waving to my kids looking out of the window at their kooky mother at the same time. Imagine.

This made me wonder about those amazing storm photos I’ve seen taken by great photographers. How did they do it? I’m sure it’s harder to keep bigger camera dry and everything.

Oh well, baby steps for me, I will find out about the storm photo taking eventually, for now let the attempt to capture rainy and wet days with my puny iPhone camera continues. I have until Sunday.

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