Day 59 #Project365

59-365 coffee bean

Little things can make people happy every day. For me, coffee is included in this category. Twice a day served in a big mug, bang! instant happiness. Look how pretty the coffee beans are, all ready to make me happy!

Other little things that make me happy are little conversations I have with my kids. This one I had this morning still makes me smile.

Ms.4’s teacher at school always commented on how happy and energetic she looks in the morning. Every day. Happy everyday, that’s what the teacher said.

This morning I asked her as we walked to her classroom. (She wasn’t walking she was skipping while holding my hand)
Me: You look happy this morning. Are you happy?
Ms.4: YES!
Me: Why are you so happy?
Ms.4: Mama! (rolling her eyes), I am 4 years old! I am growing, of course I’m happy!
Then she shook her head at me as if she couldn’t believe how silly I was that I needed to ask.

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