Day 56 #Project365

56-365 manuka swimming pool 1

We went to a local pool for ms.4’s friend birthday party. Not exactly my local it was at other suburb. This was our second time going to a public swimming pool, we have a small pool at home so we never really had the need to go else where to cool off. I didn’t realize what we missed out. It was really nice experience.

It was our first time going to this pool after living in Canberra for nearly 6 years . The Manuka pool was really pretty. It’s an old place but very well maintained and clean. It had that old swimming pool look I have seen only in Western movies. The wooden benches at either sides totally complete the whole oldies look.

Another thing that I found interesting was the number of signs they plastered all over the walls. I’ve noticed the signs because it was a hot topic between me and one friend just a week ago. We were talking more about how funny the content of some signs were back when we were growing up in Jakarta. And I pointed out that I’ve noticed signs here too, that they seemed to be more of them in public places. Some of them are necessary, of course, but some I found just ridiculous.

Back to the pool, some of the signs in this swimming place were old, served more decorative purposes only (my assumption) and some are new, you know the usual ‘shallow end please don’t dive’ type of thing. I love the old ones I found them quite funny, it’s just the sheer number of the signs all over this place really caught my attention.

I took photos of these signs, and I’m in the mood to share.


56-365 manuka public pool signs

56-365 manuka public pool sign

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