Day 273 #Project365

Our Costco shopping day is one of the days that always makes our dog so excited. It’s not the actual shopping that makes him happy. It’s the after shopping activity that happens after the big shopping. It’s when we are busy storing dried goods into their boxes in the pantry, packing and dividing meat/fish into daily consumption size. He loves this because there’s always spills on the floor (from the odd flimsy wrapping of chips for example) and so many yummy smells around!

He’s favourite spot, however, was next to the kitchen counter, where he can give a dead stare at meat/fish being cut and portioned while enjoying their smell at the same time.

Here are pieces of Salmon that he was staring at without blinking for full 2 minutes. I gotta say, even from his angle the salmon does look pretty good.

273-365 salmon


Nikon D90 | AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G | f/4 | 1/30 |

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