Day 267 #Project365

What a stupendous Sydney weekend we just had. Packed with fun-filled activities. We were catching up with dearest friends, had a baby shower party, had a big gals’ night out (me), bumped into childhood friends who I haven’t seen for more than a decade(!), shopping, and even managed to squeeze in going to the beach (and shoot my very first maternity portraits!), tennis and hours of minecraft (for the boys).

Sunday came too soon. The great weekend has come to end end. Feeling exhausted and hungry we decided to grab some dinner at Shalom (Indonesian Restaurant in Anzac Parade). I went in almost asleep but came out in total alertness thanks to the super spicy dish I had, the grilled chicken in Balinese sauce. I can take a lot of heat in my food, but even I found it hard to finish all that yummy sauce tonight. We finished off by sharing some Es Campur Durian.

It’s the perfect dinner to keep us awake through the 3 hours drive back home. Until next time, Sydney.

267-365 indonesian meal


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