Day 256 #Project365

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Since my friend lent me his telelens last Saturday, I tried whenever I can to use it until the time I have to return it back in a couple of days. So far there are heaps to learn.

With the 70-300mm lens, I find that I have to readjust the exposure further, as the camera does not give me the right information that I ended up with many under exposed images. The lens widest aperture is f/4, I find I have to crank up the ISO a bit up to be able to get a sharp focus even though it’s daylight.

My subject today was little gorgeous O. O is the brother of Ms 4’s BFF from school, and we all were there having a picnic after school along with some other people as we do most Wednesdays. O was not having his lunch. He was out to play. He was enjoying the brilliant spring day by running around, moving between the trees, and giggling/smiling all the way. I could not ask for a better subject.

It’s a different feeling to take a picture using this lens, as I could stay so far back, sometimes O forgot that I was there pointing my camera at him. He was totally oblivious and relax he gave me endless beautiful moments (and expression) to capture. With my usual 50mm prime lens, I find I have to stay around the kids for a bit longer just to get them used to me (and my camera) and for them to feel relax and let me take their pictures, because I do have to stand quite close.

I love to take portraits using telelens and I love it using prime lens. And this is how my bucket list just getting longer and longer…

ps: Special thanks to Kylie who let me use her super cute son’s image for my post today.

Nikon D90 | AF Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G | ISO 500 | f/4.2 | 1/640

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