Day 243 #Project365

243-365 sleeping dog.jpg

That special skill to keep my subject of photography ‘engaged’ for the shoot was in serious doubt today. For one the subject was clearly not very enthusiastic. He wasn’t even awake, he fell asleep soon after, and even snored a little despite me lying down on my belly right in front of his face breathing close to his nose. I want to focus on his greying muzzle this time, as it looks more grey than ever. I was sure it would show an interesting details, especially with that specially textured wet nose of his.

See, our Bruno is getting older. It’s almost hard to believe because Labradors are known to stay puppy forever. And some of his behaviour attests to this. Still. But he shows his age more and more these days. That little stiff in the joints he always tries to lose every time he gets up from sleeping position, the early night (he retires around 7PM nowadays), excessive gassing, the more frequent old-men-like ‘groan’, and the obvious salt and pepper look he rocks these days.

Almost 10 years old but forever young at heart, our Bruno gradually becomes the honourable senior member of our family. And like an Opa (means grandpa in Dutch), he didn’t pay much attention to the youngsters’ commotions around him during the shoot when the kids came and played around us. He did not even budge and continued on snoring quite loudly.


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