Day 223 #Project365

When one person in a family is learning photography, or is a photographer (already accomplished), the fate of the rest of the family is as good as written in stone. Sooner or later, more often than not, they will be asked/cajoled/forced and, or bribed into sitting in front of camera to be a model. This sacrifice is necessary for the good of the one person who learns photography. At this stage it is indeed very self-centered in nature because it seems that it only benefits the photographer in the family, and not the rest. But we do it because we are family (and they are legally bound or related by blood to me), and we all hope every effort will pay off in the years to come.

After dodging the bullets for so long the time has come for Hubby to be my next ‘victim’. As ‘no’ was not really an option here, he bravely sat as my model for a couple of hours last night to help me with my portrait assignment. As I was a total newbie in using all the lighting equipment it probably took longer than necessary just to get the shot I wanted. A glass of whiskey certainly helped him to endure the whole thing and I have to say, he did seem to get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Until the next session, love! (that’s tomorrow, btw, in case you forget)  😉

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