Day 221 #Project365

221-365 yarnathon.jpg

In need of a new word(s)? How about yarn bombing?  Yarn bombing is basically what you see in the photo here, and it’s not exclusively for trees, apparently. Yarn bombing is creating knitting, crocheting, weaving etc and wrapping the area, that includes trees, fences, and tennis courts. This project is a community initiative to commemorate the bush fire in the area back in 2003. It’s officially called The Mulley Street Yarnathon (another new word for me!).

So, the residents in the area, plus the two schools and surrounding community will wrap trees and fences and what not, in beautiful, colourful and soft things that they have knitted, crocheted and woven. Once the project is completed every one will gather, plant a new tree,  and put a plaque to signify the 10 year anniversary of that (horrible) big bush fire of 2003 in Canberra.

Clearly I can not participate in this, since I can’t knit/crochet/weave to safe my life, but I think it’s quite a neat project. It’s still a long way to go, but I bet it will look awesome once the project is done. I wonder how far the wrapping will go. This should be interesting once the whole area is ‘bombed’ out. I shall keep an eye and keep you all posted.

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  • soniavandenberg08/08/2012 - 8:50 pm

    I love your project and your photos. I’m interested in filming the yarn bombing project for a uni assignment. Can we talk?ReplyCancel

    • [ayu]09/08/2012 - 10:44 am

      Hi Sonia, thanks for dropping by. I’ll drop you an email a bit later re.filming yarn bombing for your assignment. xReplyCancel

  • […] Mulley Street Yarn-a-thon was today. I’ve written about this event in a post back in August, at the beginning of it. Some of people from the local community, the students of […]ReplyCancel

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