Day 217 #Project365

217-365 choc cupcake.jpg

My kids picked a cupcake for me to bake from the brand spanking new cupcake book that I just bought today. Their choice was hardly surprising as they pointed eagerly at the chocolate one. It’s  a ‘milk chocolate hazelnut whip’ cupcake. Since I have never had  milk chocolate in my pantry (ever) I made this one using dark chocolate instead. The cake was flourless, yummy and super easy.

I totally underestimated the reflecting power of the shiny chocolate ganache on the cake, I found myself disliking most of the images I took of these babies. The light bounced on the cake topping’s surface in many points, which to me personally, did not make the appearance of the cake better, let alone made it look mouth-watering. I know food photography is tricky, and the lighting in my kitchen just didn’t help at all. So, just take my word for this one, the chocolate hazelnut cupcake is yummier than it looks! 🙂

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