Day 215 #Project365

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When my kids were still tiny babies, I learned soon enough the difference in their cries. Thought it was a myth at first, but I turned a believer once I could actually tell the hungry cry from a sleepy one, or the -I’m-sick- cry from simple boredom cry. Now that they are bigger, they cry less, but cry nonetheless especially when emotions or pain gets too overwhelming. Mere words just won’t do.

There was a sad moment today for Ms 4. Due to some transportation problem (a.k.a car battery had gone flat) we had to cancel her -much-expected-and-super-excited-for- play date after school. She was so disappointed and sad. She wasn’t whinging, nor complaining, instead she just burst into tears and sobbed. Remembering how I could tell her cry when she was a baby, I felt her pain now too; her sadness about not being able to go and play with her friends.  Oh, the disappointment. For us it’s probably nothing, because we knew we could always re-scheduled the play date, and it’s not like these kids are not going to see each other tomorrow at school anyway. But for her, that one moment today, it was more like the sky was falling, and her world came tumbling down. That’s how hard she cried. I could only hug her while she was sobbing and sobbing in my arms, and it was heartbreaking!

She was okay again afterwards, and the car’s battery been fully charged as well in case you are wondering. This smiley portrait of her is just my way to cheer myself up and highlight what a happy girl she is. I couldn’t take her pain away today, but I was there to comfort her and to get through it. It’s another lesson I learn as a parent. Pain is inevitable for our children, all we can do is be there for them. Always.

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