Day 214 #Project365

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The cold wind bites in the morning but the day turns out sunny and beautiful, as forecasted. I spent longer time outdoor, about three hours more (!) than I liked or intended thanks to a bunch of 4 year olds who had too much fun running around after school (and around school) and refused to go home.

A short picnic after school was how it started. Usually we finish around 1 then we, kids and parental units, go our separate ways. But not today. It seemed that our kids have solar batteries on their backs that the more they were outside under the sun, the more energized they became. They just go and go and go…like energizer bunnies!

They were running, rolling on the grass, more running, up the hill, down the hill, into the groove and out, and still they were buzzed. We had to end this ‘picnic’ only because some of us had to pick up our older children. If it was up to them kids, we’d stay until the sun go down.

I had fun too actually, which was surprising, because I thought it would be way too cold for me. It was just too gorgeous day to spend indoor, I was grateful I got to enjoy it outside.

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