Day 204 #Project365

A wonderful fun we had at Lanyon Homestead today. Taken a lot of photos I have indeed. I will not bore you with more words, here are some of the photos I enjoyed taking today.

204-365 Lanyon Homestead 1.jpg

2024-365 Lanyon Homestead 2.jpg

The Drawing Room (The photo has been taken before we were told no photography allowed inside the homestead. Oops!)

204-365 Lanyon Homestead 3.jpg

A very tiny girl? Or very tall trees?

204-365 Lanyon Homestead 4.jpg

Couldn’t say no a beautiful bald tree, could I?

204-365 Lanyon Homestead 5.jpg

Even the spiders made a very impressive web there.

Here are more from Lanyon Homestead:


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