Day 203 #Project365

I surprised myself today. It turned out that I was not as lazy as I thought I was. Proof in point: I ran today. I woke up nearly noon, and decided to do nothing but reading, or just pottering around the house. Hubby on the other hand already out in the yard as soon as he saw how gorgeous the day was. Happy as a busy bee working around the house he’s always been, especially in good weather day like today. It’s true. It was really nice; sunny and quite warm for winter.

I was always the one person who rarely affected by how nice the world outside was. I could be happy indoor get lost in a book while the weather was extremely gorgeous outside. I was quite set in my lazy way.

But not today. The bright sun and the warmth somehow ‘screamed’ so loud and actually succeeded in making me wanted to go out. It (almost) never happened to me! I grabbed my shoes and ran with my dog enjoying the fresh cool air of the ‘great’ outdoor.

This photo captured the path we ran through. The sun was shinning strong between the trees I thought it looked fantastic. We are oh so ready for spring!

203-365 trees.jpg

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