Day 196 #Project365

Bruno our dog is a funny dog. He’s our constant daily amusement, day and night, regardless whether he’s awake or asleep. This huge basket is his bed ever since he was a little pup. We knew he’s going to be a big dog, so we bought extra-large size ‘basket’ as his bed even when he could only occupy a quarter of the space then, and he’s been sleeping in it ever since.

Now he’s fully grown, and fully occupied his bed. He sleeps in it in various (funny) positions. Today I caught him taking a nap with his ear dangling over. I thought it looked so adorable. I remember other times when I caught him sleeping like this, I lied quietly next to him and either blow or tickle his dangling ear so it moved while the rest of him kept on sleeping. It probably took 2 minutes until he stirred his head (alertness is never been his strong point) and looked at me funnily. I know. I’m horrible. But I can’t help it he’s too freakin’ adorable!!!



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