Day 194 #Project365

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This morning I suddenly caught in the grip of panic once I remember I haven’t completed the write-up of my photography homework. Then I went a bit more into despair once I realised that I only have until the end of the year to finish 7 more modules! Arrgh!!! Where has the time gone? Will I be able to catch up and complete the whole course and get my diploma in time?

Trying to keep myself calm I said to myself, take a deep breath, do it one step at the time. But instead of taking baby steps, I just have to forget those steps and bloody ruuun…! But then again I forgot myself. We are actually still in the middle of the kids’ school holiday. The first week of holiday is yet to finish, and there’s another full week awaits. Photography assignments and entertaining two kids on school holiday just don’t go together.

I stopped fidgeting and decided to work on the next part of the assignment, while the kids playing pirates and wizards in their room (it’s been raining since noon). In this part of assignment I had to photograph a scene that has dark tones, contrast and rich shadows in it. No bright objects nor bright anything. So I gathered all muted/dark colored things I could find in the house, from my kids’ stuffed animals, my shoes, bags to yes, you guessed it, food I could find in the kitchen like these chocolates. The write-up is my next thing to do, but soon I have to start preparing dinner. Another ‘distraction’!

Thank God for these chocolates. Even though I don’t use the chocolate photos for my assignment they were still perfect for my consumption. Their calming effect made my world somewhat less frantic and a tad more manageable. Right. I’d better stop blabbing while on chocolate high, and get on with other pressing things. Keep calm, people and eat more chocolates!

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