Day 188 #Project365

188-365 tiramisu making.jpg

There are times when parental resistance is strong that no matter how intense offspring nagging becomes, we keep our foot down and that’s the end of it. Today was not one of THOSE time, which explained why you are looking at a bunch of lady finger biscuits in the bowl. Thanks to Ms 4 super nagging power I got off my lazy bum and made Tiramisu, as she persistently demanded.

188-365 tiramisu making.jpg

There is a reason why I don’t do a lot of food making photography. I just couldn’t be bothered with the amount of hand washing to keep my hands milk/butter/oil free when I hold the camera. But since Tiramisu is a pretty easy dessert to make and doesn’t require a lot of complicated process, I thought I’d take some shots and see how it goes. I found out soon enough that not every step was photograph worthy. A layer of mascarpone/cream was just a big blob of white.

The only bad thing about making your own Tiramisu is the fact that you cannot eat it straight away. This baby has to be covered and ‘sleep’ in the fridge over night so everything sets properly and all the goodness of the flavours is throughly absorbed. Let’s see how that goes, as my daughter just came to me as I am writing this post saying that she can’t wait to enjoy her Tiramisu after dinner.

…sigh.. another unimportant battle is imminent.

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