Day 163 #Project365

163-365 running girl.jpg

She’s my constant inspiration and my muse. As corny as it sounds she makes me want to be better in my photography skill and get better faster. It’s always a dream to capture her with the camera, but also quite challenging as she always on the move. Never can she sit or stand still for more than 2 seconds. She cannot walk; she runs, or hops, or goes on all fours and flee. It’s like trying to capture one ball of energy that is unstoppable. That energy she radiates is the thing I’d like to be able to capture for safekeeping. Memory is such a fickle thing. Good photographs can help take you back ‘there’. Being her mom who knows her well, it’s still a hit and miss whether I can capture real her in the photograph.

This photo, to me, shows my Ms 4’s true self. I see a happy and joyful girl running and being ever so playful. I see a blur of colour clash dashing across the shopfront window. I see how big she’s become, how long her hair is, how oh so colourful she is. In every way. This photo reminds me how incredibly grateful I am for her.

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