Day 155 #Project365

155-365 boiled water

Looking around the house for some (hopefully interesting) ‘normal’ stuff was what I did after spending the whole day Sunday-ing. I haven’t taken any photos the whole day, you could almost smell a faint trace of desperation in the air. Almost. Never had I thought that some potatoes boiling in the pot could be an interesting subject of photography.

With this set up (ISO640|f/2.5|1/125) I managed to have some an acceptable sharpness and clarity on the bubbles. But there was so much detail that can be captured from this boiling pot alone; the different shapes of the bubbles, different types even, different sizes, and for two seconds you had the most beautiful big bubbles, the next they popped right before your very eyes that you had to re-adjust your focus again. With the less contrasting colour I found my lens auto focus got a bit confused so I switched to manual focus setting. Things changes very fast in the boiling world. Next time I will try a bit faster shutter speed for that frozen-in-time moments. The bubbles had a bit of foamy quality to it caused by the starch from the potatoes, and everything seemed to be furiously bubbling away, it’s all very dynamic. Behind the camera all these became a tad more interesting. Good thing I wasn’t the one doing the cooking today, other wise dinner would never be ready on time.

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