Day 152 #Project365

152-365 cauliflower

Is it a vegetable? Is it a flower? Are those leaves or are those petals? Again, I picked up flowers that I was unknown to me. I asked the staff there, and she didn’t know either. Though we both agreed these flowers looked like cabbage. Anyone knows the name of this flower feel free to write it down in the comment section. Enlighten me.

One thing for sure, though, this flower has a very peculiar look. Look at the details. I love how the tip of each petal looks like it is peppered with tiny green dots. The petals are so big and wide it looks like bunch of leaves. And they are green! Surely they are not flowers. But they are sold in flower section! Curiouser and curiouser. These ‘flowers’ are beautiful but not in a conventional way, but they sure make my living room looks ‘healthy’.

About the photo:
This shot was not properly planned. No previsualisation due to lack of time. I should’ve not placed the flower and vase on the white table, it made a horrible dull of nothingness as the background. Unfortunately there was no time anymore to do a re-shoot, so I tried to salvage this by using some texture. It helped. A bit. It’s a lesson learned for next time. Planning, however simple, is essential, and I have to be sure that I know what image I want to create in my head before the actual shoot.  Oh well, so this amateur photographer’s learning continues on.

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