Day 149 #Project365

For my Ms 4 there was no such a thing like Monday Blues, even when she had to stay home because of her cold. This one child of mine actually loves school, so to skip a day usually bums her out. The only reason I kept her home was because last week’s newsletter from school felt like it was addressed to me personally. The letter said for parents whose kids are sick the night or morning before school, we must keep the kids home for the kids’ own comfort and keep the rest from getting sick. Mr 8 had been sneezing and complaining sore throat and blocked nose last week, but drop him off to school I did, because that’s how I roll. No temperature? He’s good to go..!

The newsletter got me thinking and made me feel guilty enough so I kept him off school on Friday. While the school is free of my son’s germs, my house and people who live in it not. Sharing is not always caring especially in this case, we all (except for Hubby who’s out of town) get the his damn cold. Thats why child #2 stayed home today. And this is her in her ‘sick day’ (looking very cheeky with Nutella mustache).

I should’ve known better. So much for trying to have a restful morning.

149-365 chocolate mouth

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