Day 148 #Project365

148-365 lemon tart

After three weeks living without a dishwasher I have a new-found respect for this kitchen appliance. To spend time washing your dishes by hand might not mean like much if you only have to do it for one day. I believe I have wasted about 10 hours (feels more like 11 years and a half) just to wash the dishes by hand these past weeks (around 15 minutes washing two times a day). I hate washing dishes by hand with a passion. As I do sewing.

One of the things I love, though, is baking. But baking requires a lot of stuff and will make a lot of things dirty after. There were times when I felt like baking something during these painful days, but I quickly came to my senses and ditched the idea straight away. The huge mountain of post-baking dirty kitchen stuff  was enough to crush my desire to bake anything.

But here we are. Newer better happier and cleaner dish days had just begun. With a brand spanking new dishwasher in the kitchen I thought I’d celebrate the end of the dark days with baking one delicious Lemon Tart. This slice tasted even more delicious with the silent hum of my cutleries/crockeries being washed in the background. Word.

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