Day 146 #Project365

146-365 snails

Here is our agreement for the afternoon: the coughing&sniffling Mr 8 will relax and take it easy with some iPad games, Ms 4 will play with her play-doh, and I am to finish writing the last part of my photography assignment. Everybody has agreed to do this for a couple of hours and we are going to ‘re-group’ when I complete my assignment and hit that submit button.

Mr 8 is in the sofa playing games, Ms 4 is busy making tracks with her play-doh on the table next to me, and what did I do? Yes. I made a family of snails with Ms 4’s play-doh and arranged them all neatly for very nice family portrait on my laptop. I am slightly ashamed to report that not a single word has been typed for the assignment. Well done, mom!

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