Day 138 #Project365

138-365 white flower

I read somewhere that the best way to blog is to blog what you know. Today’s post is the total opposite of that, so yeah, I’d understand if you want to leave this page straight away.

Let’s start with the flower in the photo. I did not know what flower it was. At the supermarket I saw them next to the check-out counter and they were on sale, and believe it or not I’ve never seen this type of flowers before. If I had I wasn’t aware of it otherwise I would remember. They looked so attractive to me because of their petals that I thought was quite unusual. I know shit about flowers. But the heart wanted what the eyes saw, and it was only 4 bucks for the tiny bunch, it was the quickest decision made.

I spent a lot of time searching on the web to find out the name of this flower. Asked a friend too by describing the shape, and she’s such a good gardener she could tell straightaway (I confirmed it later). I wished my mom was here, she would know too. I found out that if you know zilch about flowers, it actually was difficult to try to find out the name on the net. I typed ‘white flowers with many petals’ trying to Google it. Stupid I know. And pathetic. Well, tell me something new.

Cut the story short, I finally found out that they are Chrysanthemum, or mums flower. This is what I found in Wikipedia:
“In Australia, traditionally the chrysanthemum is given to mothers for mother’s day, whilst men will wear it in their lapels to honour mothers, as the flower is naturally in season during Autumn.”

There you go. There is so much I don’t know in this world it’s starting to scare me.

Just before you feel sorry for me for not getting any flowers at all last mother’s day, in our house, when it comes to gift giving me, my family knows that chocolate trumps flowers. Any time. Any occasions. Maybe that’s why I know so little about this flower giving ‘tradition’. I feel so enlightened now, that’s the best $4 spent today!

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