Day 130 #Project365

Today I’m doing floral. I have this feeling that I haven’t done any flowers lately. Considering the season we are in at the moment I guess it’s not really a surprise, but to be sure I took a look at images I have taken  to date that I have organised by month. (I read somewhere that the big part of Project 365 is to look back at what you have done, to see and learn from the images, so that’s what I’m doing, looking back). There were at least two floral images in the first three months, and nothing in April. Zero image of flower in the month of April. Boom!

I’m not a flower-crazed kinda girl but this project made me come to a realisation that I do enjoy taking photographs of flowers. Flower is one of the most photogenic item to shoot, in my opinion. There’s the shape, textures, and all the colours that make it so attractive I suppose.  Even without a macro lens you can have a quite fun and beautiful image.

So here is my happy bunch of flowers for today. I’m sharing the happiness all around.

130-365 flowers


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